Referral Partner Pledge

Make $1000s Referring Clients to Us

Keep future sales, help clients, & get paid. Win-win.

My Pledge to All Referral Partners

  • We will contact the client within 24 hours of receiving your referral.
  • We will provide a transparent and thorough financial, market and rental analysis.
  • We will thoroughly discuss our management program and work to establish realistic expectations.
  • We will disclose all costs involved up front.
  • We will maintain open communication with all clients to guide them through all their goals and satisfy all their property management needs.
  • We will treat your client with the utmost respect and give them the care, diligence, and attention to detail they deserve.
  • We will always respect the fact they are your client, and they will remain your client. If they decide to sell the property or have additional real estate needs, they will remain your client. No matter how long we manage their property, they will always remain your client.

Referral Compensation

  • We will pay you 25% of the Leasing Fee, and/or…
  • We will pay you 20% of the first year's monthly Management Fee every month. This ongoing monthly income is designed to compensate you as you maintain your relationship with your client.